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Janvier 2017 - Zone Riom / Clermont-Fd: information day

As part of the launch of a campaign of geophysical measurements on the agglomerations of Riom and Clermont-Ferrand, an information day was held on 17 January in the Rexy room in Riom. This time of awareness among the general public was an opportunity for the companies Electerre and Fonroche to present their ambitious geothermal project: to build a 5 megawatt hour continuous power plant within the Riom European enterprise park. This is an important step, which should make it possible to collect data in order to specify the location of the drilling. For more than a month, the population will see the passage of impressive sounding trucks, carrying out this work of ultrasound of the basement which will require later a long work of data processing. At the same time, a request for the opening of works is underway, which will culminate in a public inquiry within a few weeks.

Décembre 2016 - Riom / Clermont-Fd: Geophysical Measurement Campaign

Electerre de France and Fonroche Géothermie are collaborating as part of their project to install a geothermal unit in the Riom and Clermont-Ferrand basins. In order to obtain a precise knowledge of the subsoil a campaign of geophysical measurements on the layout of the zones concerned starts in early 2017.

An information day for the general public will be held on January 17, 2017 in Riom in the house of associations, in the small room of the Rexy.

Octobre 2016 - Reunion Island

By order of the Minister for the Environment, Energy and the Sea, in charge of international relations on climate, and the Secretary of State for Industry of 19 October 2016, Exclusive research permit of geothermal deposits at high temperature, known as "Salazie-Cilaos license", for the benefit of Volcanergie SAS.
Electerre de France is associated with Akuo Energy Indian Ocean within Volcanergie.

Février 2016 - New exclusive research permit granted for the Limagne area

The exclusive research permit was granted to the companies Electerre de France and Fonroche Géothermie by the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royal for the Limagne area

Janvier 2016 - An exhibition in Chaudes-Aigues on geothermal energy

Where does the geothermal energy come from, its exploration, its uses, what possible project on the territory of Caldaguès? So many questions that the exhibition tried to answer through 21 panels.
To close this exhibition a lecture was given by Jacques Varet, doctor of earth sciences.

Novembre 2015 - Geodenergies - launch of the first 5 projects.

On November 24, all the partners associated with the Geodenergies scientific interest group announced the launch of the first five projects with the support of the Investments in the Future program. The objective of Geodenergies is to mobilize the subsoil for the emergence of sectors devoted to carbon-free energy.

Mars 2015 - Creation of the Geodeep fund

The Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royal, announced on 30 March 2015 the creation of the Geodeep Fund to support the development of geothermal energy

Novembre 2014 - Creation of the GIS Geodenergies

Electerre alongside industrialists and researchers is participating in the creation of a group of scientific interest (GIS), Geodenergies, for the emergence of sectors dedicated to a carbon-free energy mobilizing the subsoil.

Juillet 2014 - Ministerial Order for Sancy

Exclusive research permit was granted by the Minister Ségolène Royal for the area Sancy.

Octobre 2013 - Cluster Innovatherm


The Innovatherm cluster with the participation of Electerre de France is labeled Cluster d'Excellence Auvergne

Mars 2013 - Ministerial Order for Chaudes-Aigues/Coren

Exclusive research permit was granted by the Minister Delphine Batho for the area Chaudes-Aigues/Coren.

Janvier 2013 - Conference on High Temperature Geothermal in the World

High temperature geothermal energy in the World :
Real applications, sustainable and affordable in Auvergne

How is used the high temperature geothermal in the world? How is transposable in Auvergne? Four internationally renowned experts responded January 25, 2013 at a conference held at the IFMA.

Interests and the environmental, economic and social opportunities that sustainable energy and local, as well as examples of development in Italy, Iceland, and East Africa, transposable in Auvergne will be presented and developed by the experts of the committee of scientifical and technical experts.