l'energie de la terre

A new sector
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For Electerre de France, the organisation of the french geothermal sector is an important issue. Il was thus natural for us to participate in the formation of the geodeep cluster with other representatives of the french energy industry.

>> The aims of the cluster

  • Launch a facility to cover geological uncertainty during exporation and development phases.
  • Assist the devlopment of 20 geothermal power stations in France and exportation.

The first notable action of the cluster is to set up an operational private-public facility with the purpose of aiding the development and funding of deep geaothermal projects in France abroad.

The volume of funds anticipated will enable the sector to launch its activity and help create 20 power stations producing 300 MW over 5 years, which represents o turnover of nearly 2 billion euros and employment for more than 1 000 people.

The organizational structur of the cluster reinforces its visibility and the exportation of the competence of the French geothermal industry.

The projects developped by Electerre de France will be able to find support and assistance from Geodeep funding structure.

To find more: www.geodeep.fr

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