l'energie de la terre

The company
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Electerre's ambition is to become an operator of large-scale geothermal power plants by developing know-how and reference projects on French territory (in Auvergne more specifically) before developing projects abroad (notably in Africa).

The economic model of Electerre rests on two levers:

  • The development of short-term operational micro-plants

This model makes it possible to limit investments in the first phase of the project (boreholes from 100 to 300 meters). With a specific know-how and mastered, it is also easily duplicable (in view of rapid international development in particular).

  • Strategic partnerships to develop large-scale geothermal projects (deep-water drilling).      



Sustainable development is a development that aims to ensure economic efficiency, social justice and ecological sustainability through principles to be respected.

In the course of its projects, Electerre de France implements the three dimensions of sustainable development and the responsibilities arising from it:


  • To inform: to make known the geothermics, to explain our activity, to present the projects

  • Involving: fostering synergy between local actors

  • Protecting: understanding and respecting environments to better protect them


  • Incorporating: achieving exemplary architectural integration of facilities
  • Preserve: put in place methodologies and measurement tools to preserve the local ecosystem
  • Protecting: understanding and respecting environments to better protect them


  • Create: to participate in the economic dynamics in terms of activities and jobs
  • Developing: providing opportunities for heat outlets that enhance local economic sectors that consume energy / heat
  • Innovation: creating innovative and endogenous know-how

For more information: see our Frequently Asked Questions section: What is sustainable development?



Electerre de France is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chadasaygas Group. Created in 2011, Chadasaygas aims to become one of the main French players in the development and exploitation of territorial energy systems. By placing the human being at the heart of its action, the group develops projects offering real opportunities for local and sustainable development, adapted to the specificities of the territories.


Composed of a multidisciplinary team, the company benefits from the skills and know-how of its shareholder Chadasaygas as well as that of renowned experts through its scientific and technical board and the committee of technical and scientific experts.


He is responsible for advising and advising the board of directors of Electerre de France on the relevance and timeliness of the company's projects and activities.
It thus provides the company with the advice and advice of senior scientists when deciding on the direction and priority of the company's activities and research activities and judging their effectiveness in their implementation.


Device for the technical and scientific evaluation of the geothermal projects of Electerre, this advisory body has the following objectives:

  •     To provide regular advice on the quality of work carried out in the context of exploration programs
  •     To provide recommendations to improve their relevance, efficiency and quality
  •     To evaluate the results obtained at the end of each phase corresponding to a decisional milestone for any Electerre project
  •     To share their experiences in order to provide recommendations and opinions necessary for the decision-making and the good behavior of the projects by the managers of the company