l'energie de la terre

The Innovatherm cluster
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Innovatherm has been classed cluster of excellence in Auvergne since 2013 and within this framework develops collaborative and innovative partnerships. The health sector is the main field of action, with projects to develop scientifically approved products, care or health protection programmes. But the cluster generally targets the development and innovation in spas, including the topic of geothermal energy.

>> Aims of the cluster

The aim of the cluster is to constitute a Research, Development and Innvation laboratory which works in collaboration with different partners (spa resorts, universities, medical research, energies...). By enlarging the range of balneology applications and creating added value, business in spa resorts in the region would be helped to develop their activities and employment.

Electerre de France is a founding member of the cluster in which it takes an active part.

>> Partnerships

Today in partnership with 5 spa resorts mebers of the cluster, we are endeavouring to find solutions for energy production from balneology water rejects. This is an important challenge for spa resorts and could improve their profit and cost ratio. By including for energy production, new perspectives would be opened to spa resorts enabling them to become complete health centres by sustainable management of water.