l'energie de la terre

The Committee of Technical and Scientific Experts
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As Electerre has committed itself to the development of geothermal resources in geological areas where profitability is not always obvious and develop these activities at the international level, the company has sought to surround itself with the highest possible level of scientific and technical expertise.

>> The members of the Committee of Technical and Scientific Experts
The Committee of Technical and Scientific Experts (CETS) of the company Electerre de France consists of four internationally renowned members under the leadership of Jacques Varet, the scientific advisor to Electerre since October 2011:
  •  –Jacques Varet, a doctor of Earth Sciences, a French volcanologist committed to the global development of geothermal energy. He was the leader of BRGM's geothermal energy department, director of the French Environmental Institute, the National Geological Service then the National Prospecting Service, at the BRGM. As the author of over 250 published scientific papers, he is now the editor of the “Géosciences” review, the president of the editing committee at BRGM and professor at the ENAG (Ecole Nationale d'Application des Géosciences - BRGM School).
  • Franco Barberi, emeritus professor of Geo-sciences at Rome III University. With J. Varet, he was co-laureate of the L.R. Wagner prize for volcanological research, awarded by the AVCIT and the Royal Society. He was Secretary of State for major risks. He has developed original methods for applied volcanology to reduce the risks and costs involved with geothermal energy exploration, from the preliminary identification phase, to deep exploration and final development. He is also the author of more than 250 published scientific papers in the fields of geology, volcanology, geothermal energy and reduction of natural risks.
  • Getahun Demissie is a geologist with great experience in geothermal and mineral resource studies, in geo-science and in the implementation, preparation and evaluation of national and multilateral projects and programmes. He was also the director of the Ethiopian National Geological Department, and currently advises geothermal bodies and programmes in Africa (ARGEO, the U.A. Facility). From the beginning, he has been an active participant in the design and operational development of geothermal energy in Ethiopia.
  • Kristján Sæmundsson is an Icelandic doctor of Geology at the University of Cologne in Germany. He is committed to the discovery, study and development of most of the geothermal reservoirs in Iceland, and has often been called upon as a consultant to evaluate geo-hydrological and drilling conditions around the world. He is also the author of a number of papers on geothermal energy.


>> The role and the objectives of the Committee of Technical and Scientific Experts

The committee of technical and scientific experts is the technical and scientific evaluation arm for geothermal projects at Electerre. It is essentially an advisory body, with the following objectives: 
  • regularly giving advice on the quality of the work being carried out in terms of exploration programmes
  • recommending ways to improve relevance, efficiency and quality
  • evaluating the results obtained at the end of each phase, corresponding with a decision-making milestone for all Electerre projects
  • sharing their experience in order to give the recommendations and advice necessary for the decision-making process and the correct handling of projects by company executives